Dark Places

Out of the public eye are the dark places - hidden, forgotten, forbidden. By sheer chance, Trixie has an opportunity to begin exploring their world. Adventure awaits… as does the unknown.

Ratings stars are awarded in accordance with the Jix ratings system. See the Jix ratings page for further details. Word counts for individual chapters are available on the Summary Page.

Dark Places: Fear of the Dark

A legend, a hidden place and a dark family secret.
Posted 13 March, 2008. 12,516 words.


Dark Places: Long Shadows

The dark history of Mr. Wheeler’s new acquisition is tied up with one of the Bob-Whites.
Posted between 3 June and 13 July, 2009. 31,159 words.
purple Emotional content relating to deceased canon and non-canon characters.


Dark Places: Edge of Reason

Trixie is asked to investigate a long-unsolved mystery but finds more than she bargained for.
Posted between 27 October and 8 December, 2011. 34,654 words. Completed.
yellow Yellow star is given for mild adult language.


Dark Places: State of Mind

Diana is adamant that she does not want to know any terrible family secrets.
Posted between 6 July, 2013 (for my Jixaversary) and 19 July, 2013. 10,623 words. Completed.
yellow Yellow star is given for non-graphic violence.


Dark Places: From the Ashes

Jim makes an unexpected purchase, which leads to information about his birth family.
Posted between 2 June and 28 June, 2017. 29,475 words. Completed.
yellow Yellow star is given for non-graphic violence.

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