A Time and A Season

6 July, 2004: Well, it’s been a whole year that I’ve been a Jix author and I’m still completely awed at being let in :) So, in honour of that auspicious occasion, I thought I’d launch a new universe. And, because I like a bit of a challenge, I’m going to be using it to catch up on some of those CWPs I haven’t gotten to yet, starting with Anniversary 1.

So, what’s it all about?

This is a modern-day universe, which begins in 2004. Just imagine that the books all occurred, in some order, over a longer period of time. (Feel free to imagine away any that you don’t like.) The last adventure to occur is Sasquatch, (though in early summer, rather than late summer) and it has just ended. Before it began, Trixie, Honey and Diana finished high school.

In keeping with the spirit of the books, we start out with a fairly traditional situation. That means traditional pairings, except for Dan/Hallie. Also in the spirit of the books, the Bob-Whites behave like real people and they make mistakes. Just like real life, mistakes have consequences, even if it doesn't seem so at first. Please don’t think that characters in this story will “get away with” wrong-doing.

In the interests of not having to worry about being inaccurate, some of the settings are fictional. There’s more information on this on the Reference Page.

Also, just to make things difficult for myself, I’m writing from multiple points of view. You’ll get two in each episode, and I’ve put their names on them so that we all know where we are.

All clear? Then we’re ready to start.


This universe is rated yellow star - though many episodes individually would be blue star. For an explanation of the ratings stars please see the Jix ratings page.

Yellow Star

Numbers 1 to 5

1. Out of Perfect Skies (Helen and Trixie) Posted on 6 July, 2004. 6076 words.

2. Nightmare on Maple Street (Jim and Brian) Posted on 22 July, 2004. 5784 words.

3. Mountaineering for Amateurs (Peter and Mart) Posted on 13 August, 2004. 5521 words.

4. The Dog Ate My Homework (Honey and Bobby) Posted on 10 September, 2004. 5690 words.

5. Where There's a Will (Diana and Dan) Posted on 14 October, 2004. 5343 words.

Episodes 1 to 5 contain the elements to CWP Anniversary 1.

Numbers 6 to 10

6. Ice Cream and Chilli Sauce (Jim and Peter) Posted on 3 March, 2005. 7423 words.

7. Quicksilver (Mart and Dan) Posted on 30 March, 2005. 7398 words.

8. Swings and Roundabouts (Helen and Honey) Posted on 22 May, 2005. 6090 words.

9. Secrets and Lies (Trixie and Diana) Posted on 15 June, 2005. 6087 words.

10. Tease (Bobby and Brian) Posted on 6 July, 2005. 5867 words.

Episodes 6 to 10 contain the elements to CWP 2.

Numbers 11 to 15

11. No Room in the Inn (Trixie and Helen) Posted on 30 January, 2007. 6235 words.

12. Baby, Baby (Diana and Brian) Posted on 16 February, 2007. 5790 words.

13. Party Time (Jim and Mart)Posted on 3 May, 2007. 7132 words.

14. Red Ones Go Faster (Peter and Bobby)Posted on 24 May, 2007. 5786 words.

15. Room With a View (Honey and Dan)Posted on 8 June, 2007. 6407 words.

Episodes 11 to 15 contain the elements to CWP 1 of the first cycle of CWPs.

Numbers 16 to 18

16. Skin Deep (Honey, Mart and Brian) Posted on 16 July, 2007. 5498 words.

17. Twice the Fun (Jim, Bobby and Diana) Posted on 23 July, 2007. 5616 words.

18. On the Edge (Dan, Helen, Peter, Trixie) Posted on 30 July, 2007. 7725 words.

Episodes 16 to 18 contain the elements to CWP 8 of the first cycle of CWPs.

Numbers 19 to 20

19. To the Library! (Honey, Mart, Helen, Jim, Peter, Dan) Posted on 6 August, 2007. 6079 words.

20. Preservation (Bobby, Brian, Trixie, Diana) Posted on 13 August, 2007. 6344 words.

Episodes 19 to 20 contain the elements to CWP 12 of the first cycle of CWPs.

This story is now complete!


Questions? Comments? Just want someone to talk to? Feel free to email me! I’d love to hear from you.

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