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If it’s not in a universe, this is where you’ll find it. I have recently come to the conclusion that this page is way too long, so I have started to rearrange it. Newest stories will still be added to the top of the page. Other stories are grouped according to category: Short Stories and Snippets, Longer Stories, In a Category All of its Own, Spooky Stories, Christmas Stories and Group stories.

If you want individual chapter word counts, or the chronological order that stories were posted in, that is available on the Summary Page.

For snippets and story fragments, see Selections from the Vault. To get an idea of how long a story is, who the couples are and how old it is, read the notes (in small print) below each story.

For an explanation of the ratings stars please see the Jix ratings page.

Blue star is for all ages. Yellow star may contain mild adult language, violence and situations.

Latest Stories:

blue  Fractured

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

A sequel to two previous stories, Stopgap Jim and Double Bind (see the Longer Stories section of this page for more details on those).

Alternate Trixie invites the regular Bob-Whites back to her reality to help solve a problem, but something goes wrong and the portals take them to places that seem familiar, but are different from the familiar. A journey through all of my other universes (no particular familiarity with those needed).

Posted on 6 July, 2018 to celebrate my fifteenth Jixaversary. Written for CWC#17 Same Day, Different Stuff. 14,754 words. Complete. (Couples: none mentioned.)

blue yellow Selections from the Vault

(Updated) A collection of snippets and unfinished story fragments, plus one complete short story. Most are blue star; the one exception is the snippet Mischief.

Posted on 6 July, 2016 for my thirteenth Jixaversary. Added to on 6 July, 2018. 6,624 words overall.

blue  The Witch Mark

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Centuries ago, one tiny detail changed. It did not seem like something that could change history, but instead of both dying, a parent of one Sleepyside orphan survived. And events that we know were affected in unexpected ways.

Posted on 19 May, 2018. Written for CWE#16 One Lives, One Dies. 20,070 words. Complete. (Couples: none shown, one non-traditional mentioned.)

blue  The Tale of the Missing Lobsters

The Bob-Whites and their families are looking forward to a Christmas Eve lobster dinner, but when the lobsters go missing it’s up to Trixie to find out why.

Posted on 19 December, 2017. Written for the Jix author Secret Santa. The original recipient was WendyM. 5,820 words. Complete. (Couples: Jim/Trixie, Mart/Honey, Brian/Di, Dan/Barbara.)

Short Stories and Snippets:

Stories under 10,000 words, many of them written for various challenges. In order from newest to oldest.

blue  A City Misadventure

Andrew Belden remembers what it was like to be seventeen years old and roam New York City with a friend.

Posted on 10 March, 2017. Written for Ronda’s Jixanny 17 group writing project. 3,127 words. Complete. (No couples.)

blue  Behind the Door

Trixie feels apprehensive about opening the door. A very short story featuring Trixie and Honey.

Posted on 10 March, 2017. Written for Mary N.’s CWC27 Jixanny 17: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words. 1,113 words. Complete. (No couples.)

blue  Belden and Riker: An Epic Adventure

A reimagining of a piece of history. Join the Bob-Whites on a voyage of discovery, with a pair of very childish explorers.

Posted on 27 September, 2016. Written for CWE number 14: Doomed to Repeat It. 4,278 words. Complete. (No couples.)

blue yellow Selections from the Vault

(Updated) A collection of snippets and unfinished story fragments, plus one complete short story. Most are blue star; the one exception is the snippet Mischief.

Posted on 6 July, 2016 for my thirteenth Jixaversary. Added to on 6 July, 2018. 6,624 words overall.

blue  Cursed

Peter Belden is plagued with inner turmoil as his daughter discovers the fate of some villains she just helped to put away.

Posted on 27 October, 2015. Written for CWE number 12: Die, Villain, Die! 3,292 words. Complete. (No couples.)

yellow  The Inaugural Bob-White Ill-Considered Logistical Cherry Pop Challenge

Some friendly teasing between the Bob-Whites leads Mart to issue a challenge… which goes slightly wrong.

Posted on 6 July, 2015, for my twelfth Jixaversary. Written for CWE number 10, Cherry Pop. 6,667 words. Complete. (No couples.)

blue  Storm Clouds

During a summer visit home, the college-aged Bob-Whites encounter some stormy weather, both literally and figuratively. A meeting at the clubhouse turns into something more.

Posted on 6 July, 2014. Posted for my eleventh anniversary of joining Jix as an author. 7,833 words. Complete. (Begins with no couples. Eventually one traditional couple.)

yellow  The Box Trilogy

Three short stories that begin when the girls are teenagers and span many, many years. Each is self-contained, but relates to the one before. The three titles are:

Posted on 9 September, 2013. 2,313 words, 4,790 words and 1,955 words. Complete. (Begins with no couples. Non-traditional.)

blue  She Excels at Causing Trouble

For CWE#6, we were asked to cast the Trixie characters in a movie. Which movie did I choose? Read on to find out!

Posted on 13 June, 2013. Written for CWE#6 Trixie as . . .. 6,787 words, most of which are not mine. Complete. (No couples.)

blue  A Matter of Perspective

The way that you look at a problem can have a big effect on whether you can find the solution. Dan finds this out the hard way, with some help from Honey and Trixie.

Posted on 17 September, 2012 for CWE 3: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. 2,044 words. Complete. (No couples.)

blue  The Secret of the Blue Room

When Honey hears of a problem, she draws the rest of the Bob-Whites into helping to solve it. Can they discover the secret of the Blue Room before it is time to go home?

Posted on 6 July, 2012 for my ninth Jixaversary and including the elements of CWP Anniversary 9. 6,522 words. Complete. (No couples.)

yellow  Taken

This story was written for Circle Writing Event number 2, in which participants got to claim a plot bunny to write. I chose the following plot bunny, adopted it, fed it and grew it into this story: While tackling a large scrapbooking project, the Bob White girls uncover something VERY disturbing...

Posted on 11 May, 2012. 8,320 words. Complete. (Traditional couples.)

blue  Reconstruction

A short piece inspired by the elements of the VTC CWC. Trixie is going through something of a rough patch, but a new neighbour is there to issue a challenge and help her see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Posted on 4 August, 2008. A Submission for CWC#16, the Virtual Trixie Camp CWC. 2042 words. Complete. (No couples.)

yellow  Through the Flames

People shouldn’t challenge me to write unhappy stories. I have discovered that I have no scruples whatsoever about killing off characters, so long as the story is a stand-alone. Be warned! (A big thank you to Kaye KL, who announced this story for me when I couldn’t make it to a computer.)

Posted on 1 April, 2007 in response to a challenge issued by Robin and Kaye. 2567 words. Complete. (No couples.)

blue  Saccharine Sweet

Mart once taught Bobby that revenge was saccharine sweet. Now, he and Trixie are testing the idea for themselves. This is a very light-weight piece, both short and shallow. *shrug*

Posted on 13 March, 2007. Posted as part of the seventh Jixaversary celebrations. 2108 words. Complete. (No couples.)

Also posted on the same day was a little story/quiz/maze hybrid by the name of Lost. It’s about my stories. Egocentric of me, I know, but it required less research that way. :D Try it. It’s kind of fun. (But note that it is now over a decade old!)

Longer Stories:

yellow  The Dilemma of the Hairy Conundrum

The college-aged Bob-Whites take a Spring Break road trip and along the way find a mystery that turns out to be scarier than anticipated. Pairings in this story are Jim/Trixie, Brian/Di and Mart/Honey, but it is not a romance and contains nothing more than a few kisses here and there. It does contain some violence, some mild adult language and a tiny hint or two of less-than-innocent activities.

Posted on 27 July, 2015. Written for Special CWE number 9, "Down With Cancer, Long Live Amy!" and CWC number 8, Jenni J’s Trix-e-tron Challenge. 26,561 words. Complete. (Couples: Jim/Trixie, Mart/Honey, Brian/Di.)

blue  Step By Step

Dan faces an entirely new situation when he returns to Sleepyside after years of living elsewhere. There is trouble at home between him and his new step-son, but what will happen when the boy gets into trouble?

Posted on 4 March, 2013. Written for CWE#4 The Totally Rad Writing Event, using inspiration number 2. 11,005 words. Complete. (Couples: Jim/Trixie, Mart/Di, non-Bob-Whites.)

yellow  Blackthorn and Celandine

Part two, Part three, Part four, Part five, Part six.

Follow Diana on a journey of self-discovery spanning over five years, from her engagement to one man to her first wedding anniversary with another. Written in response to an author challenge issued by Pat K., which asked us to be both curious (like Trixie) and verbose (like Mart).

Posted between 6 July, 2011 (to celebrate my eighth Jixaversary) and 9 August, 2011. 26,288 words. Complete. (Couples: Jim/Trixie, non-traditional - including an unusual pairing.)

Related Stories:

A pair of stories set in the same (alternate) universe.

yellow  Stopgap Jim

Jim has an unexpected adventure in an alternate reality, where nothing is quite what he expects. CWP 6 (from version 1 of the CWPs) at Jixemitri. A big thank you to Cathymw, who kindly stepped in and hosted, when my computer would not co-operate.

Posted on 23 March, 2006 as part of the sixth Jixaversary celebrations. 12,263 words. Complete. (Couples: sort of traditional.)

yellow  Double Bind

Part two, Part three, Part four, Part five.

About four years ago, I posted a story called Stopgap Jim, where Jim had an unexpected adventure in an alternate reality and nothing was quite what he expected. He did not want to go back. Unfortunately for him, he’s going, whether he likes it or not, but this time Trixie is going with him. CWP Anniversary 7 at Jixemitri.

Posted between 6 July, 2010 (to celebrate my seventh Jixaversary) and 5 August, 2010. 17,337 words. Complete. (Couples: sort of traditional.)

In a Category All of its Own:

yellow  The Pendeville House Affair

Now for something completely different. Did you ever read Choose Your Own Adventure or Twist-a-plot books? Well, this is something in the same style but starring the Bob-Whites. You may find mystery, adventure or romance; horrorcanes, phantoms or villains; silliness, or serious topics. It’s all down to the choices YOU make. So, journey with the Bob-Whites on their visit to Pendeville House and discover its secrets.

Original version posted on 1 March, 2004 as part of the 4th Jixaversary celebrations. 32,918 words. Updated version, written for the Hurricane Katrina appeal, posted on 25 June, 2007. 39,481 additional words, for a grand total of 72,399… I think! Complete. (Some couples, depending on choices made.)

Spooky Stories:

Mostly challenge stories. In order from newest to oldest.

blue  Spooked, part one

Part two, Part three, Part four.

The staff at Manor House discover a mystery, but it is Regan who takes the lead in the investigation. A story from behind the scenes in the Wheeler household.

Posted between 6 July (to celebrate my fourteenth Jixaversary) and 26 July, 2017. 20,531 words. Complete. (No Bob-White couples.)

blue  Living Arrangements

A story featuring the three female BWGs in their early twenties. Trixie makes a surprise purchase and Diana’s kitten does some detective work.

Posted on 24 and 29 October, 2014. 9,836 words. Complete. (No couples.)

yellow  A Night With the Spectral Lady

Ryl and Mal challenged writers to produce a story where one of the Bob-Whites is forced by a ghost to confront a secret fear. My chosen victim in this endeavour is Dan. A fun weekend away for the Bob-Whites unearths his well-kept secret.

Posted on 25 October, 2013. Written for Ryl and Mal’s 4th Annual Halloween Challenge. 7,373 words. Complete. (Couples: Jim/Trixie, rest unspecified.)

yellow  The Curse of Hundred House

What do you get when Janice decides that there aren’t enough elements in the Dia de los Muertos challenge? A combined Dia de los Muertos/Hundred Point Challenge entry, of course!

This is a story of family secrets, unrequited love and the everyday struggles of the Bob-Whites as thirty-somethings. Join Trixie as she discovers The Curse of Hundred House.

Posted on 29 October, 2005 for Dia de los Muertos. 6868 words. Complete. (Couples: Dan/Di, Honey/Mart.)

yellow  In the Shadow of the Past

She’s thirteen years old. She lives at Crabapple Farm. Another girl, whom she despises, has just arrived on the scene. How will Christie cope while living with a shadow of the past?

Posted on 29 October, 2004 as part of Fright Night 2. 26,090 words. Complete. (Couples: Jim/Trixie, Dan/Di.)

Christmas Stories:

A selection of stories written for the annual Jix Author Secret Santa. Participants supply information for inspiration and a story is written especially for them. The original recipients are listed in the notes under each story. In order from newest to oldest.

blue  Excuses, Excuses

When her friends offer excuses why they cannot attend the Bob-White meeting to discuss their Christmas theme, Trixie takes matters into her own hands.

Posted on 18 December, 2016. Written for the annual Jix Author Secret Santa. The original recipient was Ronda. 2,679 words. Complete. (Couples: traditional.)

blue  A Perfectly Perfect Christmas

Newly-weds Brian and Honey have a challenge to overcome for their first married Christmas.

Posted on 17 December, 2015. Written for the annual Jix Author Secret Santa. The original recipient was Julia (juliastoz). 6,158 words. Complete. (Couples: Jim/Trixie, Brian/Honey.)

blue  Christmas in the Menagerie

Join the young adult Bob-Whites as they celebrate Christmas together, with a few hiccups (and a lot of animals) along the way.

Posted on 16 December, 2014. Written for the annual Jix Author Secret Santa. The original recipient was Robin. 6,119 words. Complete. (Couples: traditional.)

blue  Who Threw the Green Goo?

When Jim hears of a friend in need at Christmas, all of the Bob-Whites want to help. Can they discover who is causing the problem, or will certain distractions keep them from the answer?

Posted on 19 December, 2013. Written for the annual Jix Author Secret Santa. The original recipient was Pam S. (ps9906). 10,099 words. Complete. (Couples: traditional.)

blue  Twelve Days Until Christmas

Helen Belden is saddened by her empty nest at Christmastime, but her husband Peter has an idea to cheer her up.

Posted on 17 December, 2012. Written for the annual Jix Author Secret Santa. The original recipient was Robin. 5,676 words. Complete. (Couples: traditional.)

yellow  The Christmas Goose Chase

Something mysterious happens at church on Christmas Eve, which leads to a night of adventure for the grown up Bob-Whites.

Posted on 13 December, 2011. Written for the annual Jix author Secret Santa. The original recipient was Susansuth. 8,904 words. Complete. (Couples: Jim/Trixie, Dan/Di, Mart/Honey.)

blue  Waiting For You

Two Bob-Whites are working on a Christmas project and at the same time looking for love.

Posted on 14 December, 2010. Written for the annual Jix author Secret Santa. The original recipient was Kaye. 4,552 words. Complete. (Couples: traditional.)

blue  Christmas Light

Diana Belden is spending Christmas with her husband’s family, but is having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit.

Posted on 15 December, 2009. Written for the annual Jix Author Secret Santa. The original recipient was Mary N./Dianafan. 6,901 words. Complete. (Couples: traditional.)

blue  The Christmas Disaster

The Bob-White girls are in a spot of trouble and cannot quite find the right way out.

Posted on 18 December, 2008. Written for the annual Jix Author Secret Santa. The original recipient was TrishB. 3,446 words. Complete. (Couples: traditional.)

yellow  Martha’s Christmas Wish

A lonely old lady wishing for a touch a romance in her life calls upon a certain female sleuth she happens to know for assistance with a puzzle.

Posted on 20 December, 2007. Written for the annual Jix author Secret Santa. The original recipient was Robin. 3,525 words. Complete. (Couple: Jim/Trixie.)

blue  The Angel Project

Newly-wed Honey feels discontented with the extreme busy-ness of the season and sets a challenge for her fellow Bob-Whites. Along the way, Trixie just has to do a little investigating.

Posted on 16 December, 2006. Written for the Jix author Secret Santa. The original recipient was Susansuth. 12,343 words. Complete. (Couples: traditional.)

yellow  Pale Glass

Brian and Honey, enjoying their first Christmas in their new home, stumble upon a mystery which reaches back into the past.

Posted on 22 December, 2005. Written as part of the Jix authors’ first Secret Santa Gift Fic Exchange. The original recipient was Mary C. 6,239 words. Complete. (Couples: Jim/Trixie, Brian/Honey.)

Group Stories:

blue There’s No Place Like Jix

Follow Dorothy on her journey to find out how to become a part of Jix and discover a little bit about different authors’ universes at the same time. Written for Jixemitri’s fifth anniversary by most of the Jix authors.

yellow  The Mystery of the Vanishing Venus

Diana’s new job at the museum leads to a mystery. Written by AprilW, Ronda (Rolyru), Misty and myself for Jix’s sixth anniversary.

blue  Another Mansion, Another Secret

A visit to an elderly relative gives Trixie a clue to a long-unsolved mystery. Written by a group of authors and non-authors for Jix’s eighth anniversary and to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the publication of the first Trixie book. I wrote chapter 11.

yellow  Love Takes a Holiday

While Helen Belden attends the wedding of an old friend, Peter is left at home with three kids aged nine and under with humourous results. Written by Mcarey and myself for Jix’s ninth anniversary.

blue  Ten Years?

His eldest child’s approaching tenth birthday gives Jim a chance to reflect on what has gone before. Written by Cathyoma, Robin, HollyB and myself for Jix’s tenth anniversary. I wrote part one.

blue  Dan’s Dance

While his friends are off for an adventure in the book Bob-White Cave, Dan is stuck at home. This is a story of what he did while they were away. Written by Jenny, Jo (JJsGirl) and myself for Jix’s eleventh anniversary.

blue  The Marvin Appleton Fan Appreciation Message Board

For Administrative Professionals Week in April 2015, Vivian got a group together to show our appreciation for the Jix admins and mods. A selection of Sleepyside residents visit a board dedicated to the Lucy Radcliffe and Cosmo McNaught books. While there, they interact with the admins and mods, with varied results.

Questions? Comments? Just want someone to talk to? Feel free to email me! I’d love to hear from you.

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