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My name, as you have probably gathered, is Janice. On the internet, you will probably find me on the message board at Jix (though, I am quiet online, just as I am in person). In real life, I am a happily married mother of two and live in Brisbane, Australia, which is a beautiful place with a nice warm climate.

I got my first Trixie book as a present as a child in the 80s, but I didn’t read it for quite some time. When I did I wished I’d read it sooner! It was my ambition at the time to own a copy of each book but money and availability were against me. Then, in the early 1990s, I found some Trixies at a second hand book sale. Over the next couple of years I managed to collect one of each.

I did not really know of anyone else who read the books, however, until I found the (then-new) online community. It was exciting to find others who had similar fond memories, though for the first few years I only read, and very occasionally posted, but did not write. That changed in October 2002, when I read a story by fellow-Aussie Meagan which inspired me to try my hand at it. (Unfortunately, her stories are no longer online.)

I’d always been so much in awe of the other authors that before then I never really had any intention of ever writing. Even when I started I wasn’t sure that I would ever share! But once I started I quickly became hooked. I became a Jix author in July of 2003 and have continued writing Trixie fanfic ever since.

Pairings and Plotlines

Life is too short to read fanfic you don’t even like, so I am trying to mark my stories more clearly, to give a better idea of what you, as a reader, are getting. As far as Trixie and Jim go, I’m pretty traditional; I have only departed from that once or twice, mostly because someone challenged me to do so. For the rest of them, I’m far more flexible and have written lots of variations over the years.

If you have a problem with couples other than the traditional ones, you might like to stick with the ones marked Traditional or No Pairings. There are plenty of those to choose from. There are a number of them on my Odds and Ends page, which is where you will find the stories which do not fit into a universe.

As for possible plots, I don’t like to read explicit stories so you won’t find that sort of thing here. Also, I’m a bit squeemish about killing main characters off so your favourite is probably safe (except in the choose-your-own-adventure style story The Pendeville House Affair, but please just go back and choose a different ending if you don’t like the first one you get!). Other than that, just about everything is fair game. If there’s a particular thing you’re sensitive about and don’t want to read feel free to email me.

Posting Policy

Probably the other thing I should talk about here is how, when and where I’m posting. All my stories are announced on the Sleepyside Sun, Jixemitri edition, and on the Jix message board in the Story Announcements forum. The date of the most recent story on each page is also listed on my main page.

Stories in The Long Way Home are posted as soon as I’m happy with them and are mostly posted in their numerical order. When I post out of order, there are no spoilers for intervening stories. Dark Places should always run in chronological order. I don’t have plans for additional stories in A Time and A Season in the immediate future and Summer Secrets is now complete.

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