Summer Secrets

Summer in Sleepyside generally means mysteries, but here it also means secrets. When the Bob-Whites try to keep things from each other, there is sure to be trouble of one sort or another.

red  Summer By Design  Sweet sixteen and never been kissed by the same boy twice. It’s the beginning of Summer and the BWG girls are hoping for romance. Meanwhile, Jim has a secret that Trixie is determined to discover, but is she ready for the knowledge she’s about to gain? Posted 6 July, 2005, for my second Jixaversary. 18,102 words.

Please note: this story is intended for an adult audience and has been passworded accordingly. It contains certain illegal activities (for which the red star rating was given) and has mild sexual situations consistent with a yellow star.

yellow  Summer Folly  A year has passed and the girls are troubled by the unexpected consequences of Mr. Wheeler's Summer plans. Meanwhile, a different male Bob-White is trying to keep a secret. Posted 6 July, 2007, for my fourth Jixaversary. 10,641 words.

yellow  Summer Curse part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4  part 5  part 6  part 7  epilogue  Another year has passed and some of the Bob-Whites have dated, broken up and starting dating different people. A mysterious package, a road trip and a tragedy from the past add up to another exciting Summer. Part 1 posted 6 July, 2008, for my fifth Jixaversary. 6,336 words. Part 2 posted 3 September, 2008. 5,298 words. Part three posted 17 September, 2008. 5,498 words. Part four posted 1 October, 2008. 4,046 words. Part five posted 8 October, 2008. 5,562 words. Part six posted 15 October, 2008. 3,384 words. Part seven and epilogue posted 22 October, 2008. 4,128 and 1,092 words respectively.

yellow  Summer Blooms part 1 part 2 part 3  Another year has passed. One of the Bob-Whites is troubled by their secrets, while another plans a pleasant surprise. Part 1 posted 18 June, 2010. 4,981 words. Part 2 posted 25 June, 2010. 5,263 words. Part 3 posted 2 July, 2010. 4,956 words. Completed.

yellow  Summer of the Omen part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6  Trixie is troubled by an ominous letter at the start of the next Summer, while her friends are busy changing important aspects of their lives. Part 1 posted 23 August, 2011. 5,061 words. Part 2 posted 30 August, 2011. 4,671 words. Part 3 posted 6 September, 2011. 4,745 words. Part 4 posted 14 September, 2011. 4,983 words. Part 5 posted 20 September, 2011. 5,666 words. Part six posted 27 September, 2011. 2,776 words. Completed.

yellow  Summer Promises part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4   Keeping secrets has devastating consequences for some of the Bob-Whites. Part 1 posted 29 September, 2012. 5,053 words. Part 2 posted 5 October, 2012. 5,259 words. Part 3 posted 12 October, 2012. 4,672 words. Part 4 posted 19 October, 2012. 5,176 words. Completed.

yellow  Summer of Broken Dreams part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5   The fall-out of the previous Summer’s events continues, as the Bob-Whites try to get on with their lives. New opportunities await for some, while others have to live with their broken dreams. Part 1 posted 29 July, 2014. 5,903 words. Part 2 posted 5 August, 2014. 5,567 words. Part 3 posted 12 August, 2014. 5,529 words. Part 4 posted 19 August, 2014. 6,131 words. Part 5 posted 26 August, 2014. 5,708 words. Completed.

yellow  Summer Changes part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4   Change is in the air as several Bob-Whites take new steps in their lives. Part 1 posted 6 October, 2015. 4,960 words. Part 2 posted 13 October, 2015. 5,109 words. Part 3 posted 20 October, 2015. 4,894 words. Part 4 posted 27 October, 2015. 5,212 words. Completed.

yellow  Summer in Pursuit part 1 part 2 part 3   The different parts of the Bob-Whites’ lives begin coming back together as several of them pursue their dreams. Part 1 posted 28 October, 2016. 4,389 words. Part 2 posted 4 November, 2016. 5,381 words. Part 3 posted 11 November, 2016. 4,716 words. Completed.

Future story:

Summer’s End (tentative title)

For an explanation of the ratings stars please see the Jix ratings page. Under that system, red star stories must be passworded. If you are over eighteen and would like the password, please email with your full name and date of birth, including the year. Please don’t send requests to me as I’m not authorised to give it out. I will, on the other hand, answer questions about the story, if you want to ask them before reading.

A big thank you to Amy, who kindly hosted Summer By Design while I sorted out passwording on my site. It took an awful lot longer than anticipated!

Questions? Comments? Just want someone to talk to? Feel free to email me! I’d love to hear from you.

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