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The Long Way Home

My original universe. The lives of the Bob-Whites take a new turn as Jim and Brian finish school. A surprise inheritance and the mystery it uncovers start them off on a journey that will take them on the long way home.

Pairings: Jim and Trixie; non-traditional.
Latest: Better Every Day (23 January, 2018).
Next: The Crooked Path (TBD).

A Time and A Season

My second universe. We begin just after the girls finish high school. Helen Belden has a secret and not everything is as it seems. Can the Bob-Whites find solutions to these problems? Find out as A Time and A Season unfolds.

Pairings: Traditional.
Latest: Preservation, (13 August, 2007).
Next: There are no planned updates for this universe.

Summer Secrets

My third universe. Summer in Sleepyside means mysteries. In this universe, however, it is also the time of year that the Bob-Whites try to keep secrets from each other, with unexpected results . . .

Pairings: Initially traditional, but changing from story to story.
Latest: Summer’s End, part 5, (4 January, 2018).
Next: This universe is now complete.

Dark Places

Pure adventure awaits as Trixie discovers a hidden world, out of sight, but near at hand. With not so much as a fond look, this mini-universe is safe for all readers, though it may get a little scary in spots.

Pairings: None.
Latest: Dark Places: From the Ashes, part 5 (28 June, 2017).
Next: TBD.

Odds and Ends

All of my non-universe stories are found here. They vary from comedy to romance to spooky happenings to the miriad variations of my choose-your-own-adventure style story The Pendeville House Affair.

Pairings: Traditional and non-traditional.
Latest: The Tale of the Missing Lobsters (19 December, 2017).
Next: TBD.

Non-story pages

Author profile: Find out a little about me.

Summary Page: Posting date, universe, rating and word count for all of my stories.

Lost: Kind of a story/maze/quiz.

Selections from the Vault: Snippets and story fragments.

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