Since 1995 we've helped thousands of companies connect and communicate.

- and we’re not slowing down.

Our Brands


Channel Haus is our dedicated wholesale business unit that provides data and voice solutions to our wholesale customers.

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Leveraging years of ECN Group's innovation to offer products including MyCloudPBX and Business SIP along with data connectivity solutions.

Our mission is to drive growth in the channel through technology and intelligence, with a focus on white-label services, customised portals, and online automated service delivery.

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Our Cadiz³ brand supports direct customers with ECN Group's innovative in-house developed technologies and expert technicians for exceptional support.

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Working with referral partners to deliver high-quality products and offers custom services, comprehensive customer portals, efficient online ordering, and superior customer service. Cadiz³'s mission is to drive customer success through the integration of intelligence and technology.

Why Cadiz³

myCloudPBX, developed by ECN, is our powerful, yet easy-to-use PBX platform for Businesses of all sizes and is trusted by thousands of companies across Australasia.

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Built for business, myCloudPBX delivers an amazing experience to every caller. Be it a small business or large corporate our myCloudPBX technology is suitable for all business and corporate voice needs.

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As one of the earliest companies to work in the Australian Internet space (founded in 1995) as ECN Internet, we've consistently integrated telecommunications to boost client success. As a voice products innovator, we pride ourselves on our deep and long-standing relationship within the Telecommunication Sector.

We’ve pushed ourselves to master integrated communication, from nbn to innovating our PBX and Dialler platforms, building data centre infrastructure and operating data networks around the country.

Our team is composed of highly technical architects, designers, and developers who design and engineer advanced platforms steeped in innovation.

Our goal is to become an extension of your team - providing products and services that meet your business goals and importantly your customer business goals.

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Our Values

At ECN, innovation is in our DNA. It powers us to approach everything we do with the right curiosity, skillset, and approach for creating success.

Solve the Unsolvable

We look at things differently.

We're innovators at heart and not afraid to embrace challenges. We involve a group mindset when navigating outcomes and find a thrill in achieving them.

Question to Understand

We dig deep.

We exceed beyond the required minimum in finding the root challenge in everything. We thoughtfully listen, never assume and uncover the right questions in an appropriate tone and empathy. We forever are exploring the possibilities.

We Before Me

We care.

We’re unselfish and yearn for everyone around us to flourish. We recognise success takes all of us and won’t let ego get in the way. We will step in to lend a helping hand -- always.

Dive Right In

We learn with experience.

We aren’t afraid to accept a challenge, whether it’s a software system, new features, changes to industry best practices, or the next new app. We are driven to tackle new initiatives with all of our enthusiasm.

Teach as We Learn

We’re curious self-starters.

A continuous learn, teach, learn, teach loop means we’re always growing through each other’s knowledge and experience.

Growth Driven

We challenge ourselves for the better.

We know that our organisation and everyone within has the potential to develop, learn and flourish. We commit to each other, take risks and accept failures. We are determined to push boundaries that propel us to the next level.

We approach every challenge with an exploratory mindset.

We don’t have easy, pre-written answers to our client’s questions; we have a constantly evolving, highly rigorous, and interdisciplinary framework for solving problems – and it works, because we hire and keep good people who know and grow with us.

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Our Focus


We operate within a cooperative framework, predicated on versatility, that puts data and research at the core of our approach. The flexible conceptualisation and implementation of ideas allow us to make adjustments informed by ongoing analysis.


Our in-house team is composed of accomplished developers, creatives, strategists, writers, marketers, technical support and service delivery teams. We rely on one another to share best practices, inform decisions around production, and lend perspectives for a more complete vision.


As technologies and trends shift, we improve and build upon our methodology - constantly adjusting procedures from research and ideation, to implementation, and ongoing assessment.

The People

We see the people behind the work and know the importance of a good healthy relationship where each person is highly valued. It’s not something we can show in a portfolio. It’s something you experience when working with us.

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