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Our Platform. Your Solution.

We started working with ECN Communication Solutions about 12 months ago, initially to implement a more feature-rich VOIP phone system internally. We established this easily and then got involved with ECN’s many other offerings in relation to internet services.

Gee whiz have they been impressive. They offer high quality, high speed, reliable business grade solutions. We have a client in the city running a 500/500 connection, which they signed off on installing 2 weeks before they moved.

ECN went above and beyond, designed and put in place a temporary 4G connection which ran at more than acceptable speeds until the fibre was installed.
When this happened, we didn’t even notice any network interruption because it was done so seamlessly.

We also introduced ECN to another client who was paying thousands of dollars per month for internet and phone. Their solution with ECN is not only better, but saving them thousands of dollars per month as well. We now share about 5+ clients together and are already working on more.

We would not hesitate to continue to recommend ECN to our clients and business partners as their products, service, responsiveness have surpassed our expectations.

Simon Barker, Sales and Marketing Director, amisIT Services