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MRA Comments on the "Violent Women" article, Sunday Mail (Brisbane) 28 March 1999 Posted 5/4/99

Violent Women
By Lynnette Haas Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Australia28 March 1999

Domestic violence is usually seen as inflicted on women by men. But a fictional book and some research say the abused victim is quite often the man. Lynnette Haas reports. Posted 5/4/99

VIOLENT FEMMES: Women aren't the only victims of domestic violence By Peter Olszewski
(Australia) March 1999, Vol 2 No 5, pp114-119

Men suffer equally on violence in the home
UK Sunday Times 22/1/99 (Posted 23/1/99)

"What is the Truth About Family Violence?"A report from: Family Resources & Research (US) by Revs. Sam and Bunny Sewell Posted 31/12/98

Erin Pizzey dared to say publicly that women can be as violent as men.... Posted 28/2/98

Dodgy figures and suspect ideological interpretations give the impression that violence by men against women is rampant says JOHN COOCHEY. The reality is very different. Posted 17/12/97

British 1994 CTS Domestic Violence Survey shows more married men are victims than.... Posted 6/12/97
Aggression in British Heterosexual Relationships: A Descriptive Analysis Michelle Carrado, M.J. George, Elizabeth Loxam, L. Jones and Dale Templar

American TV Transcript - ABC 20/20 programme - 21st Sept. '97

Barbara Walters discovers Men are battered by wives
Posted 18/11/97

Reprinted from The Backlash! - October 1997

The Feminist View of Domestic Violence Vs Scientific Studies
by Sam & Bunny Sewell (Posted 18/11/97)


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