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Kedron Brook is one of the major creeks in Brisbane.  Its catchment area includes a large part of Northgate Ward.

The mouth of the brook enters Moreton Bay at Nudgee Beach, with its headwaters located 25km away, at Ferny Grove.  The brook marks the eastern and southern boundaries of the Northgate Ward.

The downstream sections of the brook have been diverted a number of times since European settlement.  Early flood mitigation work was undertaken from where Sandgate Road crosses the brook at Toombul, to where the brook met up with the Serpentine Creek system.  This channel was known as Schulz Canal, named after William Schulz, an Alderman on the Toombul Shire Council.

When the new Brisbane Airport was built in the early 1970's, the Serpentine Creek system was filled in, and the brook was re-diverted into a specially built floodway, directed just to the south of Nudgee Beach.

In May 1997, the floodway was re-dredged to its original profile, to assist in flood mitigation.  In January 1998, the Federal Government handed responsibility of the floodway and an extra 500ha of land to the Brisbane City Council.

Upstream of Sandgate Road has also changed to varying degrees.

Through Kalinga Park, the brook winds much as it always has always done.  However from Shaw Park to its headwaters, the brook changes from natural looking to drain-like appearance.

The brook is lined with mangroves from the mouth to around where it crosses Nudgee Road.  The tidal limit is at Toombul Shoppingtown.

The Kedron Brook Branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society are working in conjunction with the Brisbane City Council, to provide habitat for native fauna species.  The Society organises native tree plantings along the brook, to provide a much needed wildlife corridor.

The section of the brook around the mouth is adjacent to the Brisbane City Council's natural area, the Boondall Wetlands.  The Council manages this important natural area in conjunction with the Boondall Wetlands Management Committee.

To find out more, contact Cr Kim Flesser for a free booklet, that contains detailed information on Kedron Brook.

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Kedron Brook at Wavell Heights