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Small Business Ethernet with ECN

Small Business Ethernet products are the perfect companion for small to medium enterprises. These services enable small business to access commercial Ethernet offerings at a Small to Medium Enterprise price point. ECN’s Small Business Ethernet is the perfect solution for businesses looking to move to Cloud or Hosted Voice telephony or where the limitations of DSL Broadband are providing a road block for your Information needs.

ECN has developed our Small Business Ethernet product, to provide many of the benefits of our Corporate Ethernet solutions mixed with the cost saving features of a traditional ADSL Broadband service. Customers gain the benefits of greater upload and download and can transition to a full Corporate Ethernet offering at anytime.

Why Choose ECN’s Small Business Ethernet?

  • Unlimited Data Allowance
  • Fixed IP Address
  • Easily upgradable to full corporate grade Ethernet
  • $449.00 Per Month inc GST with a total minimum contract value of $10,776.00 including setup
  • 10Mbit Symetric Port Speed
  • Managed Hardware options available
  • Ideal for combining with ECN Hosted Voice
  • Affordable Ethernet Grade Service
Maximum Download Speed
Maximum Upload Speed
Approx. Speed of Service Installation
Contract Length

ECN Small Business Ethernet VS ECN ADSL

Small Business Ethernet

  • Small Business Ethernet is delivered using dedicated infrastructure – no filters or adapters needed.
  • Bandwidth is guaranteed
  • Bandwidth is symmetrical 10Mbit / 10Mbit
  • Improved communications- with Small Business Ethernets you do not have any ‘DSL’ drop outs or reconnects
  • Upgrade to ECN Corporate Ethernet available with no new installation required.


  • ADSL is delivered using a single shared copper pair
  • ADSL relies on an additional working phone line to connect
  • Bandwidth is variable (subject to line noise)
  • Bandwidth is asymmetrical with a maximum upload of 1 Mbit
  • ADSL is a low grade connection subject to an acceptable amount of drops and packet loss.
  • No upgrade path available without installing a new service