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PSTN Phone Service

The copper network is the backbone of Australian communications and every home and business on the copper network can activate a standard PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phone service. ADLS services run across a PSTN service so unless you choose Naked ADSL you will need a PSTN connection. ECN offers competitive rates on both residential and business PSTN services.

Residential PSTN

Residential PSTN Services from $33.00 per month

Business ADSL

Business PSTN services from $39.95 per month.

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Why Choose Us

  • ECN is an communications company focused on the delivery of Wide Area Network, Internet Access and Telephony services.   Through our commitments we achieve consistent delivery of world class product.
  • Beyond the product, ECN believes that customer service and care is a critical component of our company’s ongoing successes.   It is our commitment to reach and maintain levels of customer care that not only exceed industry benchmarks, but create a true value proposition to our clientele.
  • ECN has been involved in the communications services market since 1995. Our history is testimony to our ongoing ability to build and deliver communications solutions that allow our customers to work both more efficiently and more cost-effectively.
  • A broad base of communications centric products means ECN is able to provide a full service solution to meet customer needs.   Clients need not source different Internet, Content and Voice product from multiple vendors.
  • To complement our product array, support services and history in the industry, ECN provide best value for money for our clientele.