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Private Network’s with ECN

What is a Private Network: 

Private IP Network (Private Internet Protocol Network) refers to the connectivity into a private IP network which by its design ‘emulates’ the functioning of an internet, without using the public internet infrastructure.

The difference is in how the data and information is routed between the client and the ISP. In the case of a private network, technology known as MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) is used to route the packets of data that transverse only within the private network that is configured by ECN.

Essentially, a Private IP Network is independent from the public internet. In a nutshell, you have peace of mind from:-

  • ECN’s national Private IP infrastructure
  • No Internet related issues
  • No IPsec or PPTP encryption requirements, or costs
  • No Internet VPN
Security for Multiple Locations

By avoiding Internet connectivity both network quality and security is maximised and at the same time network design is simplified to ensure absolute reliability.

Optional Extras in Multiple Locations

Because a private network allows further communication products to be added into the mix by using the same technology, it also delivers a cost-efficient solution by bundling these services together. Optional products and services that can be added to your private IP network are:

  • Voice / telephony products such as Hosted Voice or VoIP
  • Co-Location facilities  – your own hardware housed at ECN
  • Hosted Services – your own dedicated server provided by ECN
  • Offsite backup – to ECN data centre
  • Consolidated Internet access via a central gateway

Why Choose a Private IP Connection?

  • Private IP platform – direct independent secured access (not over the Public Internet)
  • Utilisation of 3G, ADSL, NBN, Microwave or Ethernet services as needed, for multiple locations
  • Ability to mix service grades and speeds on a site-by-site basis
  • Australia wide access
  • No data charges – delivered at a fixed cost
  • Optional add on products and services for all of your business communication needs
  • Optional Central Managed Internet Gateway (Firewall) to provide Internet access as needed

Private Network Service Options