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Private Network Ethernet

ECN offer competitive monthly pricing for ethernet connections in a ECN private network. Private IP Network (Private Internet Protocol Network) refers to the connectivity into a private IP network which by its design ‘emulates’ the functioning of an internet, without using the public internet infrastructure.

The difference is in how the data and information is routed between the client and the ISP. In the case of a private network, technology known as MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) is used to route the packets of data that transverse only within the private network that is configured by ECN.

Essentially, a Private IP Network is independent from the public internet. In a nutshell, you have peace of mind from:

  • ECN’s national Private IP infrastructure

  • No Internet related issues

  • Fixed IP Addressing
  • No IPsec or PPTP encryption requirements, or costs
  • No Internet VPN
  • Prioritised Data accross the ECN Network
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