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Private Network ADSL

ECN offer a fixed monthly price for a Private Network ADSL service. Private IP Network (Private Internet Protocol Network) refers to the connectivity into a private IP network which by its design ‘emulates’ the functioning of an internet, without using the public internet infrastructure.

The difference is in how the data and information is routed between the client and the ISP. In the case of a private network, technology known as MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) is used to route the packets of data that transverse only within the private network that is configured by ECN.

Essentially, a Private IP Network is independent from the public internet.

Why Choose ECN’s Private Network ADSL?

  • ECN’s national Private IP infrastructure
  • No Internet related issues
  • Fixed IP Addressing
  • No IPsec or PPTP encryption requirements, or costs
  • No Internet VPN
  • Prioritised Data accross the ECN Network
Maximum Download Speed
Maximum Upload Speed
Approx. Speed of Service Installation
Minimum Contract Length

ECN’s Private Network ADSL Plans & Pricing

BizLink ADSL Private Network

  • ADSL Connection delivered into a ECN Private Network
  • Month-to-Month Contract Available
  • $399.00 Minimum contract value including installation
ECN ADSL plans do not include the activation or monthly rental of an associated PSTN service. An active PSTN service is essential for connecting an ECN ADSL service.

All pricing is quoted Inc GST.

ECN ADSL is not available to all customers in all areas. Where possible, ECN will deliver an ADSL2+ connection with best effort speeds of unto 24Mbps on Download and 1Mbps on Upload.

ADSL speeds are best effort speeds, speeds achieved on your connection can be dependant on a number of things, including but no limited to:

  • Network configuration
  • Line quality & distance from the telephone exchange
  • Cabling within your premises premises
  • Network interference
  • Network traffic
  • Hardware used at site

ECN reserve the right to shape a service if it exceeds its monthly data allowance. Prior to your service being shaped, ECN will contact you and advise you of your excess usage. If you continue to exceed your monthly data allowance, excess data will be charged at $0.08 per Mpbs.

1GB (Gigabyte) = 1000 MB (Megabyte). Unused usage quota is forfeited at the end each month.

ECN ADSL Activation costs are as follows:

  • Setup on 12 Month Contract, $150.00
  • Setup on Month-to-Month Contract, $250.00

Relocation Costs:

  • Relocation on a new 12 Month Contract, $99.00
  • Relocation on a new Month-to-Month Contract, $199.00

Early Termination Fee:

  • Early termination fee, $150.00
How long does ADSL Take to connect?

ADSL connection times can vary but as a rough guide we allow 5 working days. This can be longer if there has been bad weather.

Can I upgrade my data plan?

Data plans can be changed at any time without penalty.

Do I need a phone line?

Standard ADSL services run across the PSTN network and require an active phone line before they can be connected. If you don’t already have a phone line ECN can provide one or you might want to consider Naked ADSL.

What happens if I need to cancel or relocate before the end of my contract term?

If you cancel or relocate your service with contract term you will have to pay and Early Termination Fee of $150.00.