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What is ECN’s IP Voice?

IP Voice is a complete cloud based replacement for ISDN and PSTN business telephony. The product provides voice services delivered over a data connection using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Traditional handsets and phone systems can be adapted to taken advantage of IP Voice and all its associated advantages. This means that there is little or no upfront hardware cost when you move to IP Voice.
ECN offers two types of IP Voice: Multi-Line and Single Line. Multi-Line is designed to deliver voice services to a phone system or PBX. Single Line is designed to deliver voice services directly to a phone handset.

Why Choose ECN’s IP Voice?

Reduced Operating Costs

  • Competitive call rates mean you save money every time you pick up the phone
  • No hidden charge for add-on features, everything is included
  • Centralised management reduces the IT management overhead
  • Log into the portal to check your call usage at any time

Improved Business Process

  • Utilise existing phone hardware to minimise transitional costs
  • Upgrade pathway available for full Hosted Voice
  • Experienced service delivery team to guide you through the migration process
  • Flexible options for direct handset registration or full PBX registration.

Flexible to Business Needs

  • Manage phone numbers in the ECN portal
  • Register your phone or system wherever you have an internet connection
  • Built in failover for power or internet outages
  • Take your phone overseas
  • Increase or decrease the number of lines as your business requirements change with no contract

Key Features of ECN’s Cloud PBX

Dynamic Incoming Call Routing

Allocate phone numbers to your trunks in real time through the portal

Voicemail to Email

Available on IP Voice Single line services voicemail and voicemail to email

Call Diversions

Divert your incoming calls to an external number via the portal

Emergency Failover Routing

Never Miss a call again. Pre-configured failover re-routes your calls to your mobile if your office is offline

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