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What is ECN’s Hosted Voice?

ECN’s Hosted Voice is a complete cloud-based-business phone solution providing telephony delivered over a data connection using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Traditional phone systems rely on hardware located at the customer premises to deliver phone system features. This hardware is configured for PSTN, ISDN or SIP depending on type. Traditional phone systems are expensive and commonly incur recurring payments, maintenance costs and ultimately obsolescence.

ECN’s Hosted Voice system removes this hardware from the client’s office and connects handsets directly to the phone system located within ECN’s secure core infrastructure.

Importantly by removing the hardware from the local office, not only do we eliminate the high upfront costs and ongoing maintenance, we also allow a single phone system to service multiple sites regardless of location.

Why Choose ECN’s Hosted Voice?

ECN’s Hosted Voice product has been designed in partnership with several corporate companies to help businesses scale their Hosted Phone System to suit their dynamic business requirements.

Key reasons why you should choose ECN’s Hosted Voice solutions:

Flexible to Business Needs

  • Add and remove users via the portal
  • Support for mobile and home offices
  • Connect all your sites into one system
  • Take your phone overseas
  • Increase or decrease the number of lines as your business requirements change with no contract

Reduced Operating Costs

  • Competitive call rates mean you save money every time you pick up the phone
  • No hidden charge for add-on features, everything is included
  • Centralised management reduces the IT management overhead
  • Efficiency gains can reduce the need to have extra staff onsite

Improved Business Process

  • Flexible call flows allow you to route calls anywhere in Australia. You only need one reception.
  • Tag inbound calls with a custom ID so you can handle each call appropriately
  • Include you 1300 and 1800 numbers
  • Pre-program your holidays and office hours so your phone system is ready for you when you arrive and packs up for you when you leave.

Key Benefits of ECN’s Hosted Voice

The ECN My Cloud PBX/ Hosted Voice system supports all the features of a high-end physical PBX but delivered to a client at multiple locations from a single system. This is important because call flows, ring groups and internal transfers can function across multiple geographic locations.

Full Feature List

Dynamic Incoming Call Routing

Incoming Call routes can be changed instantly to reflect your businesses changing requirements

Auto-Provisioned Handsets

ECN's Hosted Voice accepts a wide range of Cisco, Yealink and Polycom handsets for auto-provisioning.

Holiday Pre-Programming

Configure your ECN Hosted Voice system to automatically detect holidays and amend the call flow routing.


You have the ability to configure call recording for inbound and outbound calls down to the extension and incoming route level.

Emergency Failover Routing

Never Miss a call again. Enable Emergency Routing so when your office next loses power- your calls continue to an alternative destination number or action.

Day Night Conditions

Have your phone system automatically update to a pre-configured night condition at the end of your business day.

Real Time Phone System Analytics

Keep your finger on the pulse of your phone system with real time analytics showing incoming calls, user talker time, ring time etc.

Conference Rooms

ECN Hosted Voice allows you to utilise in-system public or private conference rooms, giving you control to arrange conferences at the drop of your hat.