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Fibre400 is a unique product available to businesses in ‘Lit’ buildings.  If your building qualifies you can connect a 400Mbps Fibre connection to your office available with Internet Direct Unlimited, Data Centre Connect, Hosted Voice & Site to Site.  These connections offer high speed, high reliability and incredible value!

  • 400Mbps Unlimited Internet: An blazingly fast internet connection to handle all you internet needs.
  • 400Mbps Data Centre Connect: A direct connection from you site into you ECN Colocation, your remote site might as well be on your local network.
  • 200Mbps DCC / 200Mbps Internet: The best of both world, a high speed connection straight to your ECN colocation and 200Mbps of Unlimited Internet access.

Why Choose ECN’s Fibre400?

  • Up to 400M/400M Fibre Connection
  • Fixed IP Addressing
  • Comprehensive Business Hours Support
  • 24 or 36 Month Contract Options
  • Available with Unlimited Data
  • Optional hardware supplied and configured by ECN
  • Compatible with Hosted Voice
  • High Speed & High Reliability
Maximum Download Speed
Maximum Upload Speed
Approx. Speed of Service Installation
Contract Length

ECN’s Fibre400 Plans & Pricing

400Mbps Unlimited Internet

$39900 ex GSTMonthly
  • Unlimited Data Allowance
  • $1990.00 ex GST Installation
  • 36 Month Contract

400Mbps Data Centre Connect

$39900 ex GSTMonthly
  • Direct to Rack
  • $1999.00 ex GST Installation
  • 36 Month Contract

200Mbps DCC / 200Mbps Internet

$59900 ex GSTMonthly
  • Direct to Rack
  • $1999.00 ex GST Installation
  • 36 Month Contract

View our Fibre400 Critical Information Summary here for more information about ECNs Fibre400 products.

Fibre400 services cannot be installed into a colocation facility and are to be used for single end user usage only. This service cannot be relocated to a new location.

All pricing is quoted Ex GST.

ECN Fibre400 is not available to all customers in all areas. Please contact ECN to confirm if your site is eligible for Fibre400.

This service will be delivered to a Network Terminating Unit (NTU) which has 4 x 10/100/1000 T-Base Ports. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide a suitable location and power for this device.

Fibre400 speeds are best effort speeds, speeds achieved on your connection can be dependent on a number of things, including but no limited to:

  • Network configuration
  • Cabling within your premises premises
  • Network interference
  • Network traffic
  • Hardware used at site
ECN Fibre400 Activation costs are as follows:

  • Setup on a new 36 Month Contract, $1,999.00 ex GST

Relocation Costs:

This service cannot be relocated.

Early Termination Fee:

  • Early termination fee is subject to change. This fee is based on the cost of the total remaining monthly charges. Please contact ECN Sales to confirm pricing.
How long does Fibre400 take to connect?

Fibre400 connection times can vary but as a rough guide we allow 4-6 weeks. This can be longer if there has been delays encountered in the fibre rollout.

Is 400Mbps guaranteed?

400Mbps is the access speed and actual through put will vary. The main limitation for a Fibre400 internet connection, is the source of the content you are accessing.

Can Fibre400 services form part of my Private IP Network?

No, however if you already have a Private IP network you can use Data Centre Connect to incorporate this link through your own equipment.

Can I run voice over Fibre400?

Yes, Fibre400 is fully compatible with ECN’s Hosted Voice product.