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Focused on environment, power and connectivity, ECN offer a variety of co-location packages.

We operate our own data centre facilities in Toowong QLD and partner with Next DC to offer co-location in their Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne data centres.

  • A redundant physical environment – Power and Air systems
  • A physically secured and monitored environment
  • Internet and Private Network direct to rack
  • After hours unattended access
  • Industry standard hardware
Full Feature List

High Availability

ECN’s data centres keep you online.  We have proven redundancy system providing constant power and cooling to the facility for over 5 years.  Multiple carrier network connections provide access to your equipment from remote locations.  By locating servers in the data centre even if your office is offline your remote workers and sites can keep working.

Multiple Facilities for Disaster Recovery

ECN can provide co-location space in multiple facilities connected as high speed via the ECN network to provide the ultimate DR solution.

Peace of mind

ECN can offer co-location in multiple facilities to give a full disaster recovery solution.  By duplicating your primary setup in a secondary location connected by and alternative network path you secure your critical infrastructure from failure.  ECNs network spans all our Data Center locations providing a high speed link DC to DC for replication.  Redundant path links ensure that a primary link failure won’t affect your secondary link.  This can be done by leveraging the multiple carriers and technologies provided by ECN.

If you primary site fails you can still access your secondary site.  If your primary link fails you can still access your primary site via the secondary site.

Megaport Connectivity

ECN have partnered with Megaport to deliver unparalleled on demand connectivity into our connected Data Centers and services.  ECN can provide you with Megaport services directly at competitive rates bundled with our products such as co-location, voice and transit.  Connect to us using megaport at Next DC B1 & S1.

Hybrid Cloud

Combine your physical infrastructure and cloud infrastructure to create a Hybrid Cloud.  Manage application demand by expanding your cloud provided server platform dynamically.  Keep you core data and applications on your physical infrastructure.  Link the two together using a secure directon connection from ECN to the provider of your choice.