Quickly and seamlessly move large volumes of data between sites with ECN’s Wavelength Services

ECN Wavelength is the ideal solution for medium to large businesses requiring highly reliable, private connectivity over transmission grade infrastructure.

  • Delivers Ethernet, SDH and Fibre Channel interfaces to satisfy a wide range of applications
  • Speeds from 1Gbps to 100Gbps
  • Protected and unprotected point-to-point configurations
  • Highly available, private connectivity over transmission grade infrastructure


Choose from flexible design options to build a network that aligns to your resiliency requirements. The ECN transmission network is dimensioned for exceptional performance and is capable of service speeds up to 100Gbps

Wide coverage

End-to-end solutions meeting both metro and intercity needs. Extended connectivity is enabled by ECN’s vast fibre optic network


Providing highly reliable, private connectivity over our transmission grade infrastructure. Perfect for critical and latency sensitive applications such as disaster recovery, real time video, storage area networking and data centre connectivity

High performance

Future proof your ICT demands with uncompromised 100Gbps bandwidth. ECN Wavelength provides dedicated bandwidth for uncompromised quality

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