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Become a Referral Partner

As our businesses grow we share a common goal – we must look to how to add value and develop new revenue streams. That is why we offer you the opportunity to promote our services and technologies to your clients.

Referral Partnerships rely on each party knowing exactly how to help the other. No opportunities are missed.
The partnership thrives because both businesses grow together.


Our Referrer Partner receives financial incentives for introducing new business to ECN.
ECN will work with you to win the new business and generate new revenue streams together.

At ECN Technology, we already work with many Referral Partners such as:

  • Managed Service Providers
  • Information Technology businesses
  • ISPs and other telecommunication companies
  • Accountancy and Financial Services consultancies
  • Hardware and Software vendors
  • Business Advisors

ECN Technology Referral Partners receive trailing commissions and we are keen to do the hard work for you while you reap revenue rewards.

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Support from ECN Technology

If you are serious about expanding your business and adding revenue streams, then team up with ECN.
Our Program includes:

  • The myECN Referrer Portal - register new clients and opportunities
  • Access to marketing collateral and product information
  • Relationship support at all times.
  • Recurring commissions