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Lynndon Harnell is a Mechanical Engineer with an engineering degree from the University of Queensland, with 20+ years experience, primarily in the oil and gas industry, but also relevant expertise in essentially all aspects of Project Engineering for general construction and mining, including project management, estimating, scheduling, cost control.

Contract services are available in these disciplines, together with specific experience and expertise in:

all aspects of planning, design, construction, commissioning and operation of natural gas transmission pipelines and facilities.
services as a NATA registered signatory for Hydrostatic Testing of Pipelines to Australian Standards AS2885 and AS1978.

Equipment and instrumentation for the hydrostatic testing of pipelines is available for hire or purchase, including:

NATA certified Pressure Calibrator, 0-21,000 kPag (electronic deadweight tester)
Pressure Recorder, dual range 0-5,000 0-25,000 kPag
NATA certified Test Gauge, 0-25,000 kPag
Pipeline Temperature probes, 0-50C.
Dewscope moisture content measurement
Multi-stage centrifugal pump, up 135,000 l/hr, pressures up to 400m head

Home camcorder video editing is available for reasonable rates.