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Spend Management Tools

ECN issues regular invoices for service delivery. These invoices will include items such as usage data and phone call charges (variable costs) in addition to well know fixed recurring costs (such as rental). ECN has developed a number of free tools to assist customers in managing Their variable cost spend with ECN. These tools are available within the myECN portal.

myECN Spend Management Tools

    Data Usage – A full history of all data download and upload usage for your Internet services, updated daily with monthly and daily breakdown summaries.
    Call Usage – Call usage data for telephone services, updated daily showing call usage on both summarised and per call basis. This Call Usage reporting can in addition be loaded into A Spreadsheet for further analysis.
    Graphing – Data link graphing of 5 minute, 30 minute, 4 hour, and 1 day averages showing current and historic usage patterns to determine capacity needs for upgrade and expansion planning

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