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ECN Standard Billing information

ECN provides customers with regular Billing. Where possible customer billing will be provided with a single monthly bill containing charges for all eligible services. ECN policy is that rental charges (known and fixed recurring charges) are billed in advance of use, and that non fixed usage charges (for example call charges, data charges) are billed in arrears of usage.

ECN aims to generate your monthly invoice in the third week of each calendar month and will deliver the invoice electrically to your nominated account contact E-mail address in PDF format.

When requested ECN can also provide your invoice in a CSV (comma delimited format) – this format can be loaded into a customer accounting system or excel for data reporting.

ECN standard invoice terms are 14 days from date on the invoice, customers can elect to nominate a credit card for automatic debiting. Payment must be made within these terms

Bill payment can made via the ECN web site at or through the MyECN Customer Portal at

For further details please contact ECN on 1300 790 111 or use our contact form

Document Revision: 1.1; effective 01-JAN-2016

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