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Customer Complaint Handling Overview

ECN aims to provide exceptional services and support, however in the event that you feel that an issue hasn’t been managed in a satisfactory way, ECN wants to know and assist in resolving these matters quickly, effectively and fairly to all parties.

In the first instance we ask that you direct any complaints to for account matters, or for technical matters. For urgent assistance please call ECN on 1300 790 111. When lodging a complaint, please inform the ECN staff member that you require escalation of a matter and that you feel the matter has not been managed satisfactorily thus far.

After contacting ECN if you require further engagement with regards your complaint then ECN provides a management complaint handling process, by emailing This communication will be directed to an appropriate manager and will be responded to within 2 working days. Please ensure you include your full name and contact phone within this communication. ECN will aim to resolve any complaint within 2 weeks of the initial request.

In the event that you have an urgent complaint that is timing sensitive, please contact ECN on 1300 790 111 and request to speak with a manager, ensure in that communication you clearly explain the timing sensitive nature of your enquiry.

ECN will assign a tracking ID number to your case to enable you to track your complaint using the myECN portal.

ECN is a member of the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman, in the event that after all our efforts have been explored and your view is that we are have not satisfactorily resolved your complaint then you are within your rights to the contact the TIO at

Please note: data communication products are not subject to the telecommunications customer service guarantee. Certain events such as extreme weather can cause prolonged outages with telecommunications infrastructure, ECN will endeavour to ensure customer services are functional at all times, however when a customers services are subject to such an outage, service restoration can be delayed and this delay can be beyond ECN’s control or ability to resolve.

For further details please contact ECN on 1300 790 111 or use our contact form

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