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Critical Information Summary for BizLink Private Network ADSL

ECN PowerNET High Speed ADSL delivers performance internet using ADSL2+ technology. In areas where ADSL2+ is not available ECN will deliver the highest available speed.

Information about the Service

Description of the Service:

ADSL is delivered over a copper pair and end user speed is subject to the quality of the lines and the distance from the exchange.  The maximum achievable download speed is 24Mbps with a maximum achievable upload speed of 1Mbps.

PowerNET services that are not to be delivered over a ULL require a standard phone service for installation. Phone services can be sourced from ECN directly (from $39.95 / Month) or through another provider. Alternatively you can use an existing service. To check if your line is compatible please contact ECN.


ECN’s Private Network ADSL is not offered as a bundled service.


ADSL services connect using an ADSL2+ Modem. ECN can sell modems to you preconfigured, for the cost of these devices see the PowerNET Application for or contact ECN directly. If you already have a modem or would like to source your modem else where ECN will provide you connection details which you will need to enter into the modem yourself. Please ensure any modem sourced elsewhere is ADSL2+ compatible.

Minimum Term:

PowerNET Services are available on a month-to-month or 12 Month contract term. 12 Month Term applies to all standard PowerNET connections unless specifically advised otherwise.

Inclusions, Exclusions & Qualifications:


  • All BizLink Private Network ADSL services come with a data allowance specified in the plan.  
  • Up to 5 complimentary email addresses (POP or IMAP)


  • ADSL Services are only available in certain areas, please contact ECN Sales Team to confirm if your site can receive an ADSL service.
  • In areas where ADSL2+ is not available ECN will deliver the highest available speed.

Information about Pricing

Monthly Charge:

Your monthly charge is determined by your selected BizLink Service Plan a summary of Plan Charges is included in the table below along with a cost per MB of included data:

Service Plan Monthly Rental inc GST Total Minimum Spend
Month-to-Month Contract
Total Minimum Spend
12 Month Contract
Cost Per GB
BizLink $149.00 $399.00 $1,938.00 NA

Excess Usage:

BizLink services come with a data transfer allocation across the private network.  Excess data will not be charged however the connection will be shaped to 512/512k.  You can upgrade to 1M/1M shaping for a monthly fee of $50.00.  Please refer to your Central Gateway plan for internet data rates.

Setup Fees:

BizLink ADSL setup fees depend on the type of installation requested:

  • Service Activation on 12 Month Contract, $150.00
  • Service Activation on Month-to-Month Contract, $250.00
  • Service Upgrade from an existing slower service provided by ECN, $0.00
  • Service Migration from an existing provider to ECN, $49.00
  • Service Relocation, moving an existing ECN ADSL from one site to another, $99.00

Cancellation & Early Termination Fees:

  • If you are on a 12 month contract term the maximum early termination fee applicable is $150.00 if you cancel within the first 12 Months
  • Cancelling the service outside of your contract term incurs no termination fee, invoices issued prior to cancellation will still be due for payment.
  • If a service is relocated within 12 months a fee of $150.00 is applicable in addition to the standard relocation fee.

Other Information

Usage Information:

ADSL data usage can be checked by logging into the My ECN Portal Please contact ECN if you require access to this portal.

Customer Service Contact Details:

You can contact our support team for help with existing services:

Phone: 1300 790 111

Alternatively you can log into you account at and log a support ticket on any of your service.

You can contact our sales team for help with new services. We will be happy to help you find the right product to match your needs:

Phone: 1300 790 111

You can contact our service delivery team for help with in place service orders:

Phone: 1300 790 111

You can contact our accounts team for help with billing enquiries:

Phone: 1300 790 111

Alternatively you can log into you account at and view your billing information.

You can contact our engagement team regarding ECNs conduct:

Phone: 1300 790 111

The TIO:

ECN is a member of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) if you make a complaint to ECN and it remains unresolved after following the ECN complaints handling process you may contact the TIO for independent mediation. The TIO can be contacted by calling 1800 062 058 or visiting the TIO website at