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ECN Communication Solutions

ECN Communication Solutions was established in 1995 by current CEO Mark Garlipp.

While studying at university, Mark saw many emerging opportunities for the telecommunications industry in meeting the changing needs of households, businesses and government agencies.

Since that time, ECN has grown to be a key telecommunications provider with a network of leading carriers with a nationwide reach. ECN currently employs a team of skilled industry professionals to provide cost-effective services to our valued clients.

ECN has built a solid reputation in the telecommunications market through innovation and a strong commitment to growth. The recognition of ECN’s capabilities has been the key to building long-term partnerships with clients and join-venture partners.

Why Choose ECN?

  • ECN is 100% Australian owned, operated and established in 1995 alongside the birth of the internet
  • ECN provide nationwide services with PoP’s across five sites in four key Australian States
  • ECN provides the complete network; incorporating multiple-carrier core infrastructure
  • Our staff specialise in providing accountable and knowledgeable customer service and technical support
  • ECN has a team of dedicated technicians available to provide 24 / 7 per week support for business critical services